Title of the document The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria Reports on the issuance of a patent ent. No. 113297 "QUANTUM ENERGY GENERATION SYSTEM". As a result of the conducted research and expertise, the invention meets the criteria for world novelty and inventive step.

Energy Revolution

Energy is everything and everything is energy!...We are energy...

Time and Quantum Energy

The situation in the world has never been more suitable for mastering new sources of Energy!

The climate

Environmental pollution leads to irreversible changes in the climate. This urgently needs to change!

Electric cars

The era of electric cars is coming. But they are a very big user of Energy. Power plants only move atmospheric pollution.

Airplanes and mass transport

Airplanes and mass transport Airplanes, Rockets, Locomotives, etc. must also become environmentally friendly. This is possible only with Quantum Energy!

The Energy Revolution and Communications

The New Energy requires a New Consciousness - crossing 100% moral planes. The role of all types of communications is growing!

Quantum Energy Technologies

Quantum Energy can be in the form of Kinetic Energy, Thermal Energy, but the most massive case will require it to be transformed into Electricity!

Our oath

Given during a visit to the plant for heavy engineering - Radomir, 28.05.2012.


Eng. Vasil Nedev (1938-2017)


Dr. Kiril Chukanov


Eng. Evgeni Beev


Engineer Georgi Georgiev

Many readers of the site ask us the question: Where does Quantum Free Energy come from? - of course a reasonable question. Dr. Chukanov gives a comprehensive answer in his books: You can download them here. To explain things, we need to know at least a little about the quantum limits of the world. For our more intuitive readers, we give the point of view of a famous American artist who built the color picture below on an entire wall: Distances are given in centimeters. Energies are in erg units BL - means ball lightning (Ball Lightning) The deterministic world we know is on a yellow background - in the lower part you see the objects that we somewhat know ..... from the so-called micro world ... inorganic and organic, through man as the pinnacle of evolution, his creations such as cities, etc., our familiar earth, solar system, galaxy, universe of galaxies. In fact, Dr. Chukanov explained as early as 1989. pretty much the ball lightning phenomenon here:

Dr. Kiril Chukanov was born and raised in Bulgaria. In 1963, Kiril Chukanov graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture and construction from the Sofia College of Architecture. He then studied civil engineering from 1963-1965 at the Sofia Construction Institute. In 1965, Kirill Chukanov transferred to the St. Petersburg Institute of Construction, Russia, where in 1969 he received a master's degree in technology. Dr. Chukanov then continued his education in Moscow, Russia, where in 1977 he received his doctorate in thermodynamics. For a certain period of time (1969-1988), Dr. K. Chukanov worked in various positions: production manager, research associate, university professor. From 1988 to the present, Dr. K. Chukanov has worked exclusively on quantum energy research. In Bulgaria, 1988-1990, Dr Chukanov's QE work was mainly funded by the government organization NISA (now defunct). During this period he received technical assistance from various persons, to whom he is very grateful.
In 1990, Dr. K. Chukanov was invited to the California-based small company MPI in the USA, where he continued his research, received his first American patent for Quantum Energy. Between 1990 and 1992, Dr. Chukanov worked on his quantum free energy project at the Silicon Valley-based company Genmark Automation. His work was supported by Genko Genov - the owner of this company (Genko Genov died in an accident in 1998). Dr. Chukanov is not "implanted" in the US and is not "managed" by some secret entity (outside the US) as some apparently mentally ill people claim. Dr. Kiril Chukanov is not affiliated with or controlled by persons or organizations "in" and "outside" the United States. For a short period of time (1992-1993), Dr. Kiril Chukanov worked on the problem of cold nuclear fusion at the University of Utah. In 1993, Dr. Kiril Chukanov founded General Energy International, a company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Later, in 1996, Dr. Chukanov founded another research company, Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC, which still exists today. In the USA, Dr. Kiril Chukanov published three books: The Final Quantum Revelation (General Quantum Mechanics - Part I, 1994), General Quantum Mechanics - Part II (2001) and General Quantum Mechanics - Part III (2005). Dr. Chukanov's intellectual rights regarding Quantum Energy are protected by two patents. In early 2006, Dr. Chukanov moved to Canada to work on the creation of technological prototypes of quantum free generators. It is funded by Calgary-based businessman Tom Buggs. After two years of hard work, Dr. Chukanov created such prototypes. Unfortunately, his investor ran out of money and the project stalled for two years. Prospective investors from Vancouver, British Columbia proposed to form a joint public company to raise money to create a commercial prototype of QFE. However, this adventure was unsuccessful. Despite very positive tests of the technology prototypes (conducted by independent experts), the company was rejected as a public company by the Canadian Stock Exchange. Reason: Wrong Chukanov website. In fact: discrimination against Dr. Kiril Chukanov and Quantum Free Energy by this government institution, the Canadian oil industry and Canadian official science. In Canada, Dr. Chukanov produced the last three volumes of General Quantum Mechanics and wrote several strategic research papers. New US patents were filed. Rejected by Official Canada, Dr. Chukanov was forced to return to his country in August 2010. Here, in his private laboratory in Salt Lake City, Dr. Kiril Chukanov is working on the creation of the first in the history of Human Civilization fuelless quantum free energy generator. His means are very limited. During the years spent in the USA and Canada, among other things, Chukanov realized that the obstacles facing his projects were very serious and insurmountable. According to his insights, he realizes that his project can break through only in a small country - which no one pays attention to. So the events take him back to Bulgaria and in particular to Varna. The "GREAT BULGARIA" project takes place there - it lasted about 9 months and was not completed due to incomplete financing by MONTIS GROUP. At the same time, the interest from China increased a lot and Chukanov, following the funding opportunities, responded and very quickly ended up in the city of Tian Jin - east of the capital Beijing. This is where the QUANTUM DRAGON project happens. It lasted more than a year and still remained unfinished for various reasons - too obscured by the investors themselves, who secretly obtained a patent, taking advantage of Chukanov's theories. All possible information is stolen and apparently the ultimate goal is achieved, and Chukanov is informed that the investor GAO has died (later it is understood that this is not true). Events bring Chukanov back to Bulgaria again and the ARTEKS 1 project takes place. But the pandemic forces the ARTEKS company to stop funding, scared of the unknown next events.

Dr. Kiril Chukanov's site

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