The energy of the sun

The energy of the sun

Famous Chinese television shot the following video:
Below you see individual shots with explanations and analyzes.

Famous Chinese television shot the following video:
Below you see individual frames with explanations and analyzes. In these first two frames you see the beginning of the process, as initially the light radiation is so strong that it blinds the camcorder.
A high-voltage electric current from powerful capacitors takes electrons from gas (air) molecules and transforms the assembly of positive ions into a nucleus of two-dimensional spherical lightning. The free electrons form the electron shell of the ball lightning. In fact, we have a giant macro-atom for which the Pauli Principle works. And as for the formation (fusion) of larger atomic nuclei from smaller ones, nuclear energy is released. (The nuclei of hydrogen and oxygen are the positive ions of the gas / plasma components). This energy is emitted into the environment in the form of photons. The nuclear energy of photons can vary in a very large range of values ​​- from eV to Giga-eV and more, depending on the density of the core of the spherical lightning. The maximum value of this energy is the nuclear energy of "normal" micronucleus. The duration of this stage is a few microseconds.

In fact, this stage occurs simultaneously with the stage of existence of spherical lightning. When a ball lightning is formed, its 2-D nucleus destroys the space at the place of its appearance. As with scissors, the space is cut from this place. As a result, the core of the ball lightning exerts enormous pressure on the liquid electrolyte. We know that liquids are not compressible - due to the Planck constant. But a very strange thing happens: the liquid electrolyte is compressed 3-4 times! What happens to this fluid? Obviously, water molecules break down into hydrogen and oxygen ions. Electrons turn into free-floating particles in this unusual quantum superdense plasma. In order to balance the external pressure of the spherical lightning core, ions and free electrons must move (in all directions) at very high speeds due to the electrical repulsion of uniformly charged ions. Especially free electrons, like very light particles, move at very high speeds and create a back pressure that balances the external pressure on this plasma. What is the source of energy that makes ions move so fast?

This is certainly not a chemical or nuclear process! Mother Nature violates the Energy Conservation Act only when no other legitimate resources are available. For a split second, the superdense plasma is heated (due to a violation of the physical law of conservation of energy) to a very high temperature - a few hundred or more, oC. Quantum free energy is what is generated in this super-dense quantum plasma! In the photo we see hot things in red coming from the bottom of the dish. So much compressed liquid (now super dense plasma) bounces back out of the vessel like a highly compressed spring. The friction between this very fast-moving material and the walls of the vessel causes the whole vessel to move upwards (jump), like a frog on one leg. Due to this free quantum heating, additional evaporation of the liquid is observed. After the quantum state of the liquid is over, another material (restored to the state of liquid water) pops out of the vessel. In the photo we see a fountain of hot water flying out of the vessel. The kinetic energy of this fountain is free quantum energy!


Let's call Dr. Kiril Chukanov on the stage!


In this article, I will focus mainly on the reader's attention to the upcoming energy paradigm. The seeds of the new energy paradigm are born in the bowels of the previous period of social evolution of our human civilization - the free market society.


In physics and chemistry, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant; it is said to be preserved in time. This law means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.

The law of conservation of energy is "proven" mathematically, without taking into account the quantum constraints operating in some extreme quantum conditions. The validity of this universal physical law has been studied and "proven" experimentally only in "normal",

non-quantum conditions. In this article it will be shown that this physical law can be violated when it is in contradiction with some quantum world constants, quantum laws, quantum principles.



Formal science does not know about the existence of quantum material objects. Modern quantum mechanics, in fact micro-quantum mechanics, is a mathematical theory based on several quantum constants known from modern physics: Planck's constant, the speed of light in a vacuum, the elementary electric charge, the elementary magnetic charge. There is no philosophy in this absolutely mathematical theory. The conclusions drawn from this theory are considered an adequate explanation of all truths in the micro-world. Our real world, however, is not built on the rules of mathematics. This "great" theory ignores (simply does not know) the relationship of the inanimate world-universe with the animate world (life on Earth) and the Supreme Mind of the World - God. In my General Quantum Mechanics (Theory of Everything) I explained these relationships.

In addition to individual material (and spiritual) bodies in the universe - known to academic science - there are quantum material bodies,

unknown to official science. The world-universe (animate and inanimate) is governed by the world's constitution and the world's physical laws.

As in our human society. The world constitution consists of: quantum constants, quantum laws, quantum principles. There are also quantum material bodies, whose values ​​of the parameters coincide / strongly obey the rules / with the elements of the quantum constitution.

The quantum constitution cannot be violated in any act of material activity. Physical-chemical-biological activities can be disrupted ONLY when they are in conflict with some element of the quantum constitution. Example: Magellanic clouds (satellites of our Galaxy -

The Milky Way) violate the physical law of gravity because their gravitational attraction (acceleration) to the Galaxy

- The Milky Way is less than the quantum constant acceleration a0 (discovered by me). The same happens with the American space probes Voyager 1,2 and Pioneer I, II.

As theoretically discussed by me in my books and articles and proved by numerous of my experiments, the ball lightning is a quantum macro-object that obeys elements of the quantum constitution ignoring some physical laws. Violation of the Energy Conservation Act is especially useful for energy production. Yes, ball lightning can generate free quantum energy without using any primary energy source! The rules of conduct, the energy calculations valid for normal non-quantum material objects, do not work for this unusual macro-quantum object!


The second major self-deception of modern official physical science is the claim to the nuclear energy source of our sun and other massive cosmic bodies in the universe. Official science claims that nuclear fusion is the source of solar energy. In the heart of the sun, where temperature and pressure are very high, hydrogen nuclei fuse into helium nuclei and release energy under

the shape of gamma rays. All the stars are dying, and eventually - in about 5 billion years - our sun will die. Once his hydrogen supply is depleted, the last, most dramatic stage of his life will be a giant explosion and his transformation into a red giant, and then

this follows a contraction-implosion in its transformation into a white dwarf.


This statement is wrong !!! Fake! The energy of the nuclear fusion of our sun and all the massive bodies in the universe is NOT the internal source of energy of their bodies that make it.

SUCH FOR BILLIONS OF YEARS! This statement is just an excuse for the wrong basic dogmas adopted by university scholars.


The fusion of heavy hydrogen nuclei produces helium and electron neutrinos. As with hydrogen bombs. No one in any terrestrial laboratory has observed fusion-synthesis of light hydrogen nuclei. Yet official science, in order to save its corrupt face, claims that fusion-synthesis of light hydrogen nuclei is possible due to some imaginary weak reactions. However, there is a big problem with this hypothesis. The problem with the solar neutrino is the large discrepancy between the measured solar neutrino flux and the theoretically calculated flux.


And official science, as it is very corrupt, has come up with another hypothesis of the lie: solar neutrinos can change their individuality or nature during their journey to terrestrial detectors. Such a change in personality (aroma) can only occur if all three known types of neutrinos have a resting mass. This is another lie - there is no convincing evidence (measurements) for

existence of neutrino mass. Both the photon and the neutrino are massless elementary particles!


There is no such thing as "missing neutrinos", because there is no such thing as "fusion-synthesis of light hydrogen nuclei" in the sun and all massive bodies in the universe !!! Different types of neutrinos are massless and cannot change their aromas !!!


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